In anticipation of the professional panel…

I’m deeply interested in the lived reality of attempting to change existing systems of information organization, especially at the metadata level.

What push-backs have you received?

What are tactics for guiding conversations forward when faced with push-back?

What does actionable progress look like?

Presently, what does the landscape of acquiring grant funding look like when it comes to access and discovery issues?

How do you balance equity concerns with the interests of the funding agencies (government and private)?

Where can we follow your ongoing projects?

What can we do to support you? *

This semester has taught me that issues of access and discoverability help perpetuate pre-existing systems of power within our society. At the heart of the inequity is the lack of diversity in librarianship.  

What are tactics that librarians can use to support and promote new voices in librarianship without tokenizing people?

*I was influenced to ask this thanks to Dr. Tressie McMillian Cottom’s and Dr. Roxane Gay’s podcast Hear to Slay Podcast. They ask this question to all the invited speakers, and prior to hearing it on Hear to Slay, I had never thought to ask it in spite of “What can we do to support you?” being an extremely important question.


Cottom, T.M. & Gay, R. (2019). Hear to Slay [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from:


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